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Carefully selected dance instructors with backgrounds in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, and Choreography make up Kids On The Moves’ Dance Instructors. Without these wonderful women, Kids On The Move’s Dance Programs wouldn’t be made possible.

Leesha Rieder
Founder & Lead Instructor
Leesha was raised in her mother’s dance studio and has more than 30 years of teaching experience. She directed the YWCA dance program for 11 years, maintaining its commitment to empowering children while promoting acceptance, and of course – having fun! Leesha worked to develop and incorporate these same values into Kids On The Move programming.

Dance and working with children is a large part of Leesha’s life and raising a daughter with special needs has also provided her valuable experience teaching children of all skill levels. Leesha, along with all Kids On The Move associates, focus on development of self-confidence while stressing structure, teamwork and most importantly, fun with their students.


Allison Reitzner
Dance Instructor
Allison has over 13 years of dance experience.  During High School, Allison was a member of the dance team and dance captain of her High School show choir where she gained experience performing, competing and choreographing.  While attending Marquette University, Allison studied many forms of dance including ballet, tap, jazz and African dance and was also a member of two dance companies where she performed in hip hop ensembles.  Allison has been influenced by dance and music for most of her life and her passion shows through when she stands up In addition to teaching dance with Kid’s on the Move, Allison holds a Masters Degree in Nursing and is employed as a Registered Nurse.
Heather Dabb
Dance Instructor
Miss Heather knew at a young age that dance was her passion when she became a dance student at the age of 5. She remained in dance classes throughout elementary and by middle school, she expanded her love for dance and became a member of her schools cheer and dance teams. After graduation she decided to coach the cheer and dance teams from her home town of Iron Mountain, WI. With Miss Heather’s love for children, she became a proud mother and a full time hairstylist. In her spare time she loves to be outside, and spend time with her family. Her favorite love of all, still to this day, is DANCE and always looks forward to working with all the kids here at Kids On The Move. Getting to teach her passion to kids everyday is a true blessing!
Julie Kocken
Assistant Director & Dance Instructor
Julie has been a dance instructor with Kids On The Move, the YWCA and area day cares for more than 10 years. Her extensive background working with kids on a variety of dance techniques and experience with choreography has made Julie a valuable part of our team!

says that her greatest enjoyment is working with children of all skill levels and watching them grow in their self-confidence, social skills and dance ability. Julie feels that making a connection with each of her students is an important part of their dance or theater experience. It allows for the children to learn under her instruction in a fun, engaging and stress-free environment. Julie says she couldn’t ask for a better job!

Nicole Nelson
Dance Instructor
Nicole began teaching dance to share her love of music, dance and the freedom of expression with others. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism when she was only 8 years old but it had gone undiagnosed for 5 years prior. This caused her to be a very small, shy and tired young girl. She began dance and thyroid medication in the same year and her shyness slowly vanished. Now that she has become a teacher, she loves working with shy students and allowing them to come out of their shells and show the world who they are just as she has done in her life.

Her background lies in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip-Hop which she learned at the Academy of Dance in Escanaba, MI. Since then has has also become proficient in Ballroom Dancing and teaching as well. She also has experience with moms and baton which she continues to learn.

Michaela Schroeder
Instructor Assistant
Music and dance have always been a major part of Michaela’s life. With her mother being a dance instructor, she has been passionate about dance since the age of two! She has always been very active and apart of many sports: Special Olympics, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance, Bowling, and Soccer. Through Michaela’s positive personality, passion for dance and love of children, she makes a wonderful asset to Kids On The Move’s Instructing Staff.